Create A 6 Pages Page Paper That Discusses Psychopathology Diagnosis And Prognos

Create a 6 pages page paper that discusses psychopathology: diagnosis and prognosis of clinical depression. Mary’s father had an addictive personality and was an alcoholic. He was very promiscuous and had known relationships with as many as 9 women that Mary knows of. He was given to physical and verbal abuse, which led to Mary’s mother separating from him when Mary was six years old.

Mary’s mother also had an addictive personality and was abusive. After her separation, she moved to London, and the stress of providing for the children brought out her abusive side, till Mary left her house at age 17.

Mary has younger siblings who she was responsible for after leaving her mother’s house. This includes brothers as well as sisters. Mary was their primary caregiver until they reached adulthood after they left their mother. Mary has felt protective and responsible for them as she was the oldest.

Mary found it difficult to have relationships as she experienced trust issues – possibly stemming from her parent’s dysfunctional relationship and eventual separation. She eventually met her present husband, a dentist belonging to a middle-class background who convinced her that he would be loyal to her and would never leave her. They have now been married for 17 years, but their present relationship is somewhat distant.

She has 2 daughters, who she has devoted all her time to. Her relationships with her daughters are not very healthy at the moment, especially since her elder daughter aged 16, found out that she was pregnant. This incidence was the triggering point that started the depressive experiences that Mary has presented with.

Mary comes from a small town culture but moved to London with her mother at an early age. The middle-class notions of propriety were what forced her mother to move to London.

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