Create A 6 Pages Page Paper That Discusses Argument For God Using The Design Arg

Create a 6 pages page paper that discusses argument for god using the design argument. This essay is going to explore and affirm that the God exist through the argument for design.

Our lives in the world are inspired by the events and activities that we human beings undertake. However in the process we have questions on our existence and most important of all if God exists. An argument by design explains the existence of God through the use of facts, theories and examples of how God created life. The world is meant for human inhabitation because there is a pattern in which life occurs and exists. It is true to argue that the world and life was designed by someone or a spirit that is unexplainable due to the following facts:

Teleological orders: This is used to explain how order in the world occurs since everything in the world seems to follow a certain pattern. Teleological order can exist as spatial and temporal order whereby spatial order explains the co-presence while the latter explains succession. Is it easy to look at the world and wonder at the facts whereby co-presence and succession. For instance, the human body is made up of a million parts which interact with each other to come up with a complex living creature. William Paley who was an advocate of natural teleology argued that as a watch is a timepiece that is made up of millions of parts then also the world and human life is designed that way. Another advocate of the teleological argument was Thomas Aquinas who argued that we see the world as being made up of many things some of which lack knowledge. He elucidates that these beings act for an end and this is evident by the small animals of living things. As a result, a thing that does not have knowledge cannot move towards and end but only if it is directed by an intelligent being. Apart from humans who posses knowledge, natural things cannot move towards an end and therefore what drives their move towards end is an intelligent being who in this sense is God (Manson 121).

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