Create a 2 pages marketing plan for a pool company located in Haiti.

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Create a 2 pages marketing plan for a pool company located in Haiti. The plan should include a small budget for advertising of all types (social media and billboard, radio etc.)

Executive Summary

Products and Services

Vision and Mission Statements

Research and Analysis


Research competitors, then analyze the following:

  • Product attributes
  • Pricing
  • Marketing and promotion strategies
  • Distribution channel and method
  • Products or services offered

Competitive Advantage


Customer Information: Audience, Persona and Lifecycle

Marketing Objectives

First, you need to set the stage for what you want to accomplish so you can decide on the marketing plan to supplement those goals. Do not rush or focus on execution before you define what success looks like for your business.

Marketing objectives are a brand’s defined goals. They outline the intentions of the marketing team, specific numbers and provide clear actions to execute.

For example, here are a few possible goals you might have:

  • Introduce # of new products
  • Target a new customer persona
  • Extend/regain market
  • Build brand awareness
  • Develop brand loyalty
  • Grow market shares
  • Build industry authority
  • Boost sales
  • Enter into # long-term contracts
  • Improve delivery and customer service
  • Increase brand exposure and engagement on X.

Create a Progressive Marketing Budget

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