Create A 16 Page Essay Paper That Discusses This Is A Human Resources Assessment

Create a 16 page essay paper that discusses This is a Human Resources Assessment. It consists of 6 reports. The report will want you to talk about thing related to Human Resources in the organization. The Organization will be Burj Al Arab Hotel & the labour Laws of United Arab Emirates.

imilarly, the organization’s recruitment policy is critical because it specifies the underlying objectives and provides a framework for the recruitment program like the minimum qualifications needed. The external factors are resident in the political- social- legal environment where the UAE government has set regulations requiring organizations to determine nationality and appearance of job applicants, thereby enhancing discriminatory employment (Armstrong, p 76). Accordingly, many foreigners dotting high qualifications miss job opportunities based on their looks as noted by Armstrong (p 65). Secondly, the availability of manpower both within and outside the organization plays an important role in influencing the employment process. Armstrong (p 90) advices that retraining of existing staff is necessary outsourcing becomes unattainable.

Research has shown that there are common three types of employment statuses identified in the UAE and elsewhere in the world. An individual is either a regular full-time employee scheduled to work 8 hours a day for 5 days a week on a regular basis and should remain in employment for more than a year (Armstrong, p 76). The employee is eligible for all benefits and paid time-off. Secondly, a regular part-time employee is scheduled to work for up to thirty hours per week on a regular basis for a minimum period of one year so as to merit some paid time-off for sick, vacation and holidays (p 72). Finally, a subcontractor agrees to do a certain type of work for a limited duration with an established deadline (Armstrong). The employee attends work on a regularly scheduled basis and is entitled to mandatory benefits. In regards to this, employers must determine the employment status of all their employees for certain reasons. Firstly, the UAE government may want to know ones employment status to determine how much money to be paid and the individual’s rights at work. In the views of Armstrong (p 311), UAE has both skilled and unskilled

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