Create A 16 Page Essay Paper That Discusses Customer Satisfaction In Baskin Robb

Create a 16 page essay paper that discusses Customer Satisfaction in Baskin Robbins.

According to the research findings, customer satisfaction was defined as a post-choice judgment made by the customer after making a particular purchase of the product on offer. After the preliminary research and some interview with the employees, it was clear that the three strategies are vital in determining customer satisfaction. This hypothesis was tested through conducting interviews and questionnaires, and from the results, the hypothesis was accepted. Therefore, there is a correlation between customer satisfaction and the three strategies. Baskin-Robbins is situated in Canton, Massachusetts, and it is rated globally as the biggest franchise that sells ice creams. This company is well known as a home of diverse and delicious cakes, shakes, pies, various drinks, frozen yogurt, sherbet, cones and much more ice cream flavors. This company was formed by Burt Baskin and Irv Robbins back in the year 1945. However, these two individuals had the passion for venturing into ice creams business. During the 35th annual franchise ranking, Baskin-Robbins was named by the United States as the leading ice cream and frozen dessert merchandise. The company has more than 1,000 different flavors of ice cream and all are being served in more than 50 countries globally. Their retail outlets are approximately more than 7,300 worldwide. Baskin-Robbins is trying its level best to provide a store environment that is conducive to both the customers and the general public. however, this was part of their long-term plans in their previous budget. Moreover, quite a good number of people have been employed, and they have a favorable service performance hence the relationship with the customers would be good. Lastly, things are being put in place to improve the accessibility of the store or the shops so that each and every customer is attended to.

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