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Chapter 26: Poverty, development, and hunger

  1. What is meant by ‘sustainable development’?
  2. Define ‘embedded liberalism’.
  3. What is ‘structural adjustment’ and what are the main institutions that enforce it?
  4. What is the difference between the ‘Washington Consensus’ and the ‘post-Washington Consensus’?
  5. List three critiques of the UN’s claim to have successfully reduced poverty through the Millennium Development Goals program.
  6. How did Thomas Robert Malthus explain hunger?
  7. How does Amartya Sen explain hunger?
  8. Briefly define the neoliberal economic and political philosophy that came to dominate global development thinking following the cold war.
  9. Outline the key differences between orthodox and alternative approaches to poverty, development, and hunger. Which approach do you find more compelling and why? Defend your answer by offering empirical examples.
  10. Define the ‘trickle-down’ assumption. Is this assumption valid? Support your answer by offering empirical examples from the history of global development.
  11. What is the relationship between democracy and development?

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