Counseling Psychology This Paper Written In Apa Format A Minimum Of 4 6 Pages I

Counseling/ Psychology

This paper, written in APA format & a minimum of 4 – 6 pages in text body, not including title page, abstract or references. Pick a problem you might encounter in a psychotherapy/counseling situation and research it. Tell about the problem and how it could be treated/addressed. Use information from what you’ve learned in this course about therapeutic treatments and their theories. Professional journals articles, which you will find online and through Troy library, are preferred. Use a 12pt. font. Papers will be graded on APA format, organization, content – quality of article review, and grammar. Make sure you read and understand all rules against plagiarism before completing this assignment (see below). Turn your paper into turn it in.You will be able to view your submission once it has been turned in.

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