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Scenario Create an imaginary company or choose one from the below list of industries. As the CISO you believe the organization is being operated in stovepipes or siloes and you need to have a governance body that will ensure that your organization is compliant with the laws or legislation of the land. You believe that your IT Staff is confused about the major compliance and regulations that the company must perform within. You have tasked your team to identify frameworks, key IT requirements, regulations, and best practices that will help your organization become compliant with the legislation that are prevalent in your company’s industry. Instructions In a 3- to 5-page paper, explain how you would approach a plan of action to help your IT Professional team understand the applicable industry regulations, controls, audit frameworks, and major compliance regulations mentioned above. You must include at least three credible sources other than your text book. Be sure to use APA format to cite your sources. Possible Industries: Requirements: 3 – 5 pages Publicly Traded Company (NYSE, NASDAQ, etc.) Bank, Insurance, Securities, Financial, Lenders, Escrow firms Hospital, Medical Government, Government Contractors Credit Card Merchant, Broker, or Clearinghouse Electric Generator Provider or Transmitter

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