compose a argumentative essay on the following: Should “victimless crimes” such as prostitution and other sexual activity between consenting adults be free from governmental interference?

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Complete a final clean, revised, documented (APA) argumentative research paper.

Part 1: Argumentative Research Paper

  1. topic: Should “victimless crimes” such as prostitution and other sexual activity between consenting adults be free from governmental interference?.
  2. Take a position on this controversial topic or offer a solution to a controversial problem.
  3. Write a 5- to 6-page, double-spaced argumentative research paper supporting your position. Keep in mind, your goal as a writer is to defend your claim through scholarly research and convince your reader that your position or solution is a logical and supported one.
  4. Include at least six scholarly sources and proper in-text citations in APA format.
  5. Your paper must include a Works Cited or References page and acknowledge all sources that you summarize, paraphrase, and/or quote within the paper.


Your argumentative research paper should include a cover page using proper APA format. The paper must include a minimum of six scholarly sources such as eBooks, books, journals, or webpages that end in .edu, .org, or .gov.

As you prepare this paper, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Have I established the context and purpose of my paper? Have I clearly stated my thesis and established the central theme?
  • Have I defined the scope of my thesis and determined key concepts? Have I selected information sources that relate to these concepts?
  • Have I used a variety of search strategies and appropriate information sources to access information?
  • Have I chosen sources based on multiple criteria such as relevance to the research question, currency, and authority?
  • Is my content appropriate and relevant? Have I made reference to readings as appropriate?
  • Have I communicated, organized, and synthesized information as appropriate?
  • Is my paper organized logically? Does my writing display focus and structure?
  • Have I correctly applied information use strategies concerning citations/references; choices among paraphrasing, summary, or quoting; use of information in the proper context; and choices about whether ideas are common knowledge or require attribution? Have I considered the ethical and legal restrictions on the use of published, confidential, and proprietary information?
  • Have I fulfilled the length requirement for the writing assignment and sufficiently addressed assignment criteria?
  • Have I properly documented sources of information?
  • Have I checked my writing for complete sentences as well as correct grammar, word choice, punctuation, and spelling?

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