Compose A 1500 Words Essay On Worldculture Needs To Be Plagiarism Free The Middl

Compose a 1500 words essay on WorldCulture. Needs to be plagiarism free!

The Middle Ages have been regarded as the time of severe punishments and intense torture for committing criminal activities. The harsh criminal justice system of the age went through several stages and was influenced by different cultures, civilizations and people. Since early medieval England had a monarchical or feudal system governing the people, law of that particular era was much rigid and brutal than the later era. The powerful kings, lords, barons and priests had the hold of all judicial matters and they resolved the matters the way which best suited their authorities1.

William the Conqueror, crowned in 1066, believed in making an example of the ones who dared to disobey by maiming him for the rest of his life rather than simply executing them. He introduced three goals to make change in the crime and justice scenario. The first one was to firmly establish his power as England ruler, second was the restoration of peace and stability within the Kingdom and the third was getting support for the crown through taxes collection. He also introduced ten decrees for the welfare of the English people and established Christianity as state religion2.

The people were given right to justice according to their status. slaves and poor were the ultimate victims of this system. Due to serfdom, the poor people were the most down-trodden and were harshly treated by the landlords. therefore, theft was the most common crime committed to get hold of the basic necessities of life in those times. Theft, on the other hand, was the most condemned crime of the era since honesty was regarded as the basic aspect of male honour3. The first written law for the English people was brought forward in Anglo-Saxon era which included crimes as petty as “seizing a man by the hair” to the hideous crime of murder and accordingly punishments were described for each relative crime. Though these jurisdictions were harsh but it is also a fact that they the Anglo

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