Compose A 1500 Words Essay On Wage Setting Needs To Be Plagiarism Free Download

Compose a 1500 words essay on Wage Setting. Needs to be plagiarism free!

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The hijackers might be impersonating as accident victims and when truck drivers help them, in return they hijack the trucks. Truck hijackers might even gain unauthorized entrance into areas where trucks are parked. they might kill the person responsible for the security of the trucks and then hijack the truck and escape with them. Ans. 12 The act of checking or going through the file of the victim is one of the activities that are considered necessary while an officer of a robbery case conducts a follow-up of the case. This action is considered as necessary to cheek whether the same victim has been a victim of the case of robbery before or whether he has reported such crimes against him in the past. This action is considered necessary to match the previous crimes of robbery to the current crime of robbery in which the victim is same. This is done to find similarities between old and new cases and whether a new robber has committed the crime or the victim has been robbed for more than once by the same criminal. The act of checking past records can even help figure out whether the victim himself is connected in the crime as individuals report such crimes to conduct various frauds such as insurance frauds. Chapter 14 Ans. 1 There are various dimensions of the crime of burglary, this crime is mostly witnessed in residences and this crime is witnessed or experienced after every 15 seconds in different areas. The average loss experienced by a residence due to this crime is calculated at $1,381 and the average loss experienced by nonresidential or commercial settings is calculated at $1,615 (Swanson, 2012). Out of all the cases of burglaries, 64% of the criminals conduct a forced entry. this means that the criminal uses forceful ways of entering into the target settings. Investigations have figured out that when the crime is committed in residential setting, the criminal makes an entry from the front, where as in the case of commercial settings, the criminal makes a back door entry. These crimes are mostly conducted when the setting or the property is not in use by the property owners or the people who live or work over there. It is even witnessed that residential settings are mostly subjected to this crime during day time and commercial settings mostly experience this crime during late hours. The rate of this crime does not vary according to different months and seasons, and the cases of this criminal act are very difficult to solve. Ans. 8 There are various signs at the crime scene that differentiate a crime of burglary conducted by a professional burglar and the same crime committed by an armature or a juvenile. In case of juvenile burglars, juvenile burglars do not conduct ample amount of planning before they make their move, they are easily arrested as compared to professional burglars, they mostly conduct crimes in shape of groups and teams and do not strike in areas or setting where they can obtain high amount of return, they might end up making mistakes such as killing members in the residence if they are confronted by household members as they are quite confused and afraid and have a quite heavy arrest history. Juvenile burglars mostly steal portable assets and assets that are easy to move such as radio, mobile phones, gaming consoles and cash. Ans. 11 Information and leads about a particular residential or a commercial setting and what can be found in these settings is obtained by burglars through various sources.

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