Compose A 1500 Words Essay On To Complete This Assignment You Must Produce An Ba

Compose a 1500 words essay on To complete this assignment you must produce an based on a successful company of your choice. Your task is to explore ho. Needs to be plagiarism free!

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This essay will involve a thorough analysis of General Motor’s (GM) global competitive strategy which will be explained on the basis of the ‘Star analysis.’ GM is a US based multinational car manufacturing company which has a significant worldwide presence operating in 157 countries (Yahoo finance, 2013). Its global competitive strategy can be best explained through the following perspectives as highlighted by the Star framework. Home Country After the company was bailed out during the 2007-08 financial crises, GM has experienced drastic changes in the way it conducts its business and implements its strategies. New and influential members were hired in order to form a highly efficient management team which included Daniel Akerson as the CEO. He took control into his own hands and shook the company’s bureaucratic organizational culture thereby inducing new strategies and visions to the business. The company’s strategy in its home country has been smaller but leaner in order to be cost competitive. GM currently manufactures and sells 18 different automobile brands in order to satisfy the needs of the customers. The company has been able to achieve a significant market share in its home country because of its extensive knowledge regarding the US market and its consumers (Jurevicius, 2013). GM’s strategy in its home country has been to focus on fewer brands. Their idea is to leverage global resources in order to create the most gripping vehicles and technologies. They plan to reinvest cash and profits into their vehicle and technology division on a consistent basis, regardless of the business cycle. This plan has been formulated with a view to maximize revenues for the company thereby focusing on limited brands and delivering world class vehicles to their consumers (GM, 2013a). The regulatory climate that prevails within the home country is a crucial factor that affects the performance of a company of the stature of GM. Regulations may limit the company’s capability to finance its operations through debts which might reduce the revenues compared to what it would have earned otherwise. Supplier Country GM’s primary strategy for its supplier country has been to recognize the efforts made by their suppliers belonging from those countries in order to motivate them into consistently supplying the best quality products and services. While formulating the strategy for business with their supplier countries, they consider factors such as work wages and productivity, the political, legal and regulatory climate that prevails in those countries and the risks associated with doing business in those countries. Assessment of these factors helps the company to device an appropriate strategy in order to maintain their feasibility with their suppliers and henceforth, maintain goodwill with the supplier country. As far as GM’s major supplier country is concerned, the first name that comes to mind is South Korea (Reliable Plant, 2013). Mr. Bo Andersson, the Executive-in-Charge of GM Worldwide Purchasing had said that the company desires to develop a positive relationship with their supplier country in order to ensure smooth flow of business activity (Winter and Priddle, 2001).

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