Compose A 1500 Words Essay On The Effects Of Retail Channel Integration Through

Compose a 1500 words essay on The effects of retail channel integration through the use of information technologies on Firm performance. Needs to be plagiarism free!

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The article “The effects of retail channel integration through the use of information technologies on Firm performance” gives a vivid insight into the strategy that can be employed to integrate activities across multiple channels. This resolution lies in the use of information technology, a solution that offers a promising opportunity for most of the retail firms. This is because it is directed towards the enhancement of the relationship that exists between them and their customers. This is, in addition to improving the performance, of the firm in virtually all sectors. This can be tied to the fact that the goal of most firms is to improve people’s lives through their services and products. This is, in addition to, making profits that can enable them stay in the market for a long time. Throughout the article, the authors have focused on the constructive effects of information technology just to encourage those who are not into it to try out. They base this on the fact that by integrating both traditional and contemporary Channels within the retail industries efficiency and integration is improved. These effects, in one way or another, function to the act of the firm as well as customers who are among the key stake holders in any given firm. Another fact is that environment has a role to play because its dynamism is a sure moderating factor of the effects brought about by competence and modernization. All these attributes are aimed at inciting firms to employ this technique in both the retail and service sectors especially to those firms that have both physical and online operation. (Khosrowpou, 2006). Critique of article In the modern world of business, there has been increased shift towards the creation of positive environment that enhances productivity and efficiency. Thus, why many firms resolve to employ CRM software to provide a dependable platform for both customers and firms. This, in part, corresponds to the message in the article discussed. However, even though there is the persistence of adoption of technology, it should be noted that it is not for all companies to use it for some use “excel and outlook” in a stationary surroundings to uphold their information. In such a company, high technology such as use of CRM software is undoubtedly inappropriate. Therefore, the article has not emphasized on what companies are eligible to this high technology, for this is most prominent in growing businesses who are obliged to manage customer’s information with reliable software especially in the constantly changing business environment (Sambumurthy, 2003). However, the article has a valuable message concerning the ways in which businesses can manage change. This is because the modern day organizations have become complex, uncertain and more unpredictable, and, therefore, invention of ways of overcoming these challenges. Therefore, the advent of globalization demands that companies keep themselves up-to-date either through the latest technology or management fad (Lin-Bin et al, 2010). This vertical integration has numerous effects on the factors that lead to firm’s performance such as increasing firm size and reducing uncertainty.

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