Compose A 1500 Words Essay On Strategic Planning For Tourism In Abu Dhabi Needs

Compose a 1500 words essay on Strategic Planning for Tourism in Abu Dhabi. Needs to be plagiarism free!

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However, the primary aim of this paper is to identify role of Masdar in improving the travel and tourism industry Masdar City and to develop a set of plausible and actionable strategic recommendations to the company that will help it in this respect. Currently, the company has five units i.e. Masdar City, Masdar Power, Masdar Carbon, Masdar Capital and Masdar Institute (Masdar-b, n.d). This paper will attempt to deal with the company’s Masdar City as this unit is engaged in infrastructural development that lead to the growth of the travel and tourism industry. This unit strives to develop a “global clean-technology cluster” called Masdar City which is situated “17km from downtown Abu Dhabi” (Masdar-c, n.d.). Masdar City can be developed as a major tourists’ destination. The company is aiming to develop this city backed with renewable energy and it is well designed with 40,000 residents. The primary essence of the Masdar City is on innovative technologies through R&amp.D. United Arab Emirates (UAE) is now focusing on its tours and travel industry. The UAE Government has aimed to develop its important cities as a popular tourist attraction. For example, in Dubai, the leisure and hotel industry has grown significantly. The travel and tourism industry of Masdar City has a direct competition with Dubai. Moreover, other Gulf countries like Saudi Arab, Kuwait, and Oman etc are also trying to develop their travel and tourism industry. On the other hand, Middle East courtiers like Egypt are major tourist destinations and they are the major competitor of Masdar City in travel and tourism industry (Deulgaonkar, 2011). Tourism and travel industry primarily belong to global market as it targets entire global population. Therefore, the competition in travel and tourism industry is very high. 1.2. Communications Analysis The Masdar is highly respectable company of UAE and it has developed a higher corporate image in the market. The company is a focus-point for the entire nation as it is one the most developed renewable energy company. It has been continuously working for the development of the entire country especially for Abu Dhabi. One of the major tools for the company is its communicational and promotional activities. Its corporate website is critical medium for developing communication with its target audience. In order to develop ‘two-way’ communicational system, it has partnered with several social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter etc. It is also using its website for its advertising strategies and for delivering market signals. The organization generally communicates with target audience to spreading awareness regarding renewable energy, its projects, recent developments etc. Its communicational developments can play a very significantly role in developing the Masdar City as major tourists’ attraction. 1.3. Issue Analysis The Masdar has been successfully maintaining its public relation with its target audience through media partnering and through its corporate website. However, in order to develop the tourism industry of Masdar City in the global market, its communication is not unique and effective. It must be taken into consideration, that for competing in the global market, its communication must reach to global market.

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