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In addition, it has led to reliability because people from any part of the world are able to access the information passed.

Seeing as this mode of communication has only come into existence in the last approximately two decades, there has been a lot of controversy surrounding it. As with any new introduction, it has garnered both support and opposition. Those that support it cite the immense benefits and the heavy impact that it has drawn upon communication since its onset. Those that do not support it assert that the establishment of its relevance is quite hard and that it is merely a passing phase. This paper‘s focal point is to illustrate that mobile communication has had an observable and immense impact on the field of communication. The paper’s main subject is to indicate that whether negatively or positively, mobile communication has changed the face and direction of advertising on a long-term basis.

One of the most popular means of mobile communication is the use of the social media platform. According to e-marketer, an online statistical site, the number of people subscribed to social media networks in the world totaled down to 1.73 billion as of 2013. This means that social media act as a means of mobile communication as it reaches about 26% of the world population. This is exclusive of other mobile communication means such as mobile texting. This illustrates that mobile communication is one of the only means of advertisement that in actuality affects over a quarter and nearly half of the world’s population. In the same site, they estimated that by 2015, 2.55 billion people would have to social media accounts. Statistically, this indicates that the growth rate for social media subscription stands at 18% annually. This statistic lays out just how relevant mobile communication is on the human populace.

Eric Clemmons, an Information professor at the University of Pennsylvania, states that advertising

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