Compose A 1500 Words Essay On Observation Report Needs To Be Plagiarism Free Thi

Compose a 1500 words essay on Observation Report. Needs to be plagiarism free!

This paper will present an observation report of two students named Hessa Al Khater and Zarmeena Qazi.

A close analysis of Hessa Al Khater’s performance of the presentation task reveals that he managed to address the audience correctly as expected. Hessa relied on both body language and verbal communication to actively engage the audience. At the beginning of the presentation, Hessa brought forth a root statement, which defined his introduction, body, and the conclusion. He exhibited expertise in developing his ideas logically and making a lively presentation. During Hessa’s presentation, the attention of the class was both to the speaker and to the PowerPoint. The speaker’s capacity to involve the audience explains why there was a measure of attention drawn to him. In other parts of the presentation, the speaker pointed out something on the PowerPoint, a factor that prompted the audience to focus their attention on the PowerPoint. Unfortunately, there was an overuse of the PowerPoint, which was an undesirable aspect. However, the speaker gave proper reference to the slides. Some of the outstanding strengths that Hessa exhibited during his presentation were that he was confident and sure of himself and began with a catchy opening. Moreover, he introduced himself to the audience in an appropriate manner a factor that created a favorable atmosphere for the presentation. He highlighted the topic and presented background information on the topic, a factor that warmed up the audience to the content of the presentation. An overview of the presentation and a good planning of the entire timeline backed up the background information about the presentation.

Hessa’s presentation was easy to follow with transitions that served to connect different slides. There was a proper emphasis on the main points as well as highlighting of the sub conclusions in each section. At

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