Compose A 1500 Words Essay On No Country For Old Men Chigurh Needs To Be Plagiar

Compose a 1500 words essay on No Country for Old Men: Chigurh. Needs to be plagiarism free!

With an engaging story and stunning performances, several instances in the film relied on open interpretation for deduction of general meaning (Schwarzbaum). This essay aims at analyzing the Anton Chigurh character by means of the Pentad terms as suggested by Kenneth Burke. He states that, “who is obviously covered by agent. Scene covers the where and the when. The why is purpose. How and by what means fall under agency. All that is left to take care of is act in our terms and what in the scholastic formula” (Burke, 228).

Chigurh, played by Javier Bardem, was a tall, strong, dark, awkward-looking and middle-aged male character, who was portrayed in the film as a brutal, amoral, ruthless, remorseless, emotionless and terrifying villain. He was introduced in the film as a prisoner who had no respect for law, and killed the deputy sheriff with his handcuffs. From then onwards till the end, the sole purpose of his life was to kill. He killed mercilessly without any discrimination whether it was the poor or the rich, young or elderly, man or woman. Another sheriff referred to him as a “homicidal lunatic”. His brutality and criminal nature was also very well explained by another key character, Carson Wells, who described him as a “crazy” person, a “psychopathic killer” and even compared him to “bubonic plaque” (“No Country”).

He carried a captive bolt pistol to kill people and punch out door locks, which was probably to prevent evidence, avoid public attention while moving and/or kill people without them being frightened. The later was evident from the scene where he asked the man to come out of his car, reached up his forehead with the opening end of the tube and requested, “would you hold still please, sir” (“No Country”). However, later in the film, he replaced his preferred weapon of choice with a shotgun to tackle similar response from Moss in which he got injured. It become obvious for a while at that point and at the end of the

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