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Through the father’s emphasis on creationism, the boys learn to always be watchful of God’s divine beauty by connecting with the natural environment. There are powerful positive and negative implications of religious values in the film. A River Runs Through It illustrates the life span of Paul and Norman as they experience challenges and opportunities as they progress through adolescence and eventually adulthood. Both of these characters maintain a very distinct and diverse worldview, with Paul being more of a rebellious character interested in drinking and gambling while Norman is more level-headed and responsible with a sense of moral duty. According to contemporary theologians, modern worldviews are often conflicted (a type of imprisonment) where individuals in society have become completely detached from their religious roots. People in modern society tend to miss the mystical connections between spiritual realities and the nature of secular living in community and culture (Vujisic 321). This, according to the author, tends to separate the individual, a type of alienation, which ultimately leads to psychological and emotional problems. When a person removes God and the divine from their lifestyles, it fails to equip them with the healthy mental adjustment required to live a happy and full life holistically. Paul and Norman’s preacher father seems to understand this, trying consistently to reinforce the importance of recognizing creationism in daily life. Mostly, this is illustrated through fly-fishing and finding communality with the natural environment. Each time a fish is caught by any of the three men, the Presbyterian father reinforces that God has blessed them for their efforts, thus reinforcing that one must maintain a worldview that is consistent and relevant to the concepts of religion and God. The film does an excellent job of attempting to make the audience consider the role of religion in finding personal fulfillment and in establishing positive family values that can be applied to everyday lifestyle. A River Runs Through It, though occurring during the period between approximately 1919 to 1970, illustrates how this detachment from religion creates individuals in society that have no spirituality or self-control. When Paul becomes a young adult, he often frequents a local night club where he engages in heavy, debt-burdening poker playing and excessive drinking with others in the community. During one scene of the film, Norman’s girlfriend assigns Norman to take her brother fishing, who shows up exceedingly drunken and unable to fish. Alongside him is a young woman with a very bad reputation for being a deviant and a drinker, who is also unable to function and eventually passes out from her over-drinking. A River Runs Through It illustrates the type of character that is developed when they lose touch with religion. The drunken woman aforementioned has a very vulgar mouth and a very demeaning personality that is practically devoid of shame and self-control. This individual seems to have a worldview that is very disconnected with the divine.

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