Compose A 1500 Words Essay On Money And Happiness Needs To Be Plagiarism Free Ma

Compose a 1500 words essay on Money and Happiness. Needs to be plagiarism free!

Material wealth influences happiness. This depends on the ability of such materials to satisfy the needs of an individual. The fact that more money gives one the freedom of acquiring material property implies that it can directly make one happier. Motivation psychologically helps define individuals. People have varied motivations in life, which in turn influences their definition of happiness. This explains the misconception that there is a relationship between earning more money and being happier in life. Happiness and satisfaction arise from achieving personal goals and ambitions. Money is most often a motivation in many people’s lives. people work hard in order to earn more money, thus making their lives comfortable. Money contributes to happiness but only as a motivation since people achieve some of their life aspirations through money earned. Whenever an individual achieves his or her objectives in life by earning more money or by setting up a successful business, the success contributes to their happiness. However, the process of earning more money is likely to present more challenges and possibly lead to conflicts. This is the situation which affirms that money will not necessarily lead to happiness. Happiness is an emotional or mental state of feeling good about one’s self. This is normally characterized by joy, contentment, and pleasant emotions, among other similar psychological states. It is, therefore, a fundamental human attribute that influences physical and psychological well-being. The definition of happiness and the factors that lead to it are varied. This leads to the social discussion of the relationship between money and happiness.

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