Compose A 1500 Words Essay On Love Speech Pathologist Treatment Of Dementia Pati

Compose a 1500 words essay on Love, Speech Pathologist treatment of dementia patients with disruptive behaviors. Needs to be plagiarism free!

This aims at determining how to ensure the quality of patients and family members’ lives in situations of dementia can be improved.

According to pathologists, despite the fact that memory loss has been a&nbsp.prominent&nbsp.finding&nbsp.lately& most dementia patients, the main issue that contributes to institutionalization is the disruptive behavior, such as unnecessary speech associated with the disease. Some of the main symptoms associated with the disease include sleep disturbance, unnecessary speeches, aggression, depression, agitation and psychotic-related features. In addition, behavioral symptoms may be a&nbsp.result&nbsp.of dementia illness, Iatrogeneric causes and other&nbsp.concomitant&nbsp.illness. However, the&nbsp.main&nbsp.error&nbsp.made by a majority in managing behavioral disturbances is that treatment commences without&nbsp.identification&nbsp.of the symptom precipitant. It is&nbsp.essential& ensure that before anyone commences treatment the identification of the&nbsp.disruptive&nbsp.behaviors and causes is done (Teri, Logsdon, Uomoto, & McCurry, 2012). To ensure that&nbsp.treatment&nbsp.of a sick&nbsp.person is&nbsp.satisfactory, the patient’s family and pathologist should have a&nbsp.sound&nbsp.understanding&nbsp.of the issue under treatment.

Depression is one of the symptoms and the disruptive behavior of dementia that affects up to 20% of most patients. Depression can be in the form of unnecessary speeches because of&nbsp.the disease-related neuronal loss and, less frequently,&nbsp.reaction& a disease process. For patients suffering from vascular dementia,&nbsp.depression&nbsp.mostly&nbsp.follows the left cerebral hemisphere stroke. Dementia-related diseases, such as Parkinson’s disease, have many patients showing symptoms of depression through their speeches. In most cases it is difficult to&nbsp.diagnose&nbsp.patients with depression due to dementia because apathy is&nbsp.common in both disorders&nbsp.(Teri, Logsdon, Uomoto, & McCurry,

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