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To begin with, the most distinct trait is the verbal communication in humans compared to the growls, screams and hoots. Humans have the ability of passing ideas and information through various means ranging from the verbal communication, facial expressions, and hand gestures and, of late, the writing means. Clear speech has uniquely distinguished them from the chimpanzees where this is controlled by the cerebral cortex in their brains unlike the chimps that lack these functional organs. Humans are believed to have muscular tongue that enables them speak clearly and well compared to the weak chimpanzees’ tongues. Second point is their body covering where the human beings have short and relatively sparsely distributed throughout their bodies but varying from one human being to another by race, their sex, place and, most importantly, the genes. As compared to humans, chimpanzees have short covering all over their all body parts except their faces and palms with no variance from one to another unlike the humans. This factor has uniquely defined humans from the chimpanzees where they have had the manufacture of clothes to prevent them from many factors like cold and rain. Humans’ brain size has uniquely identified them from the chimpanzees’ characterized by the human beings having the larger one than the latter’s. Chimps have 370ml of the brain size compared to the 1350ml in average for the human beings. Human’s larger brain size is actually an important indicator of their intelligence shown by the recent innovation in scientific and technology development. Over the years, human has made numerous scientific developments characterized by the use of complex machine which would rather be difficult for their closest relative, the chimps, to have. This includes aspects like use of computers, where almost every life aspect is now controlled by the computer technology. Improved transport has also been seen where humans’ intelligence has brought out complex transport means such as ships, aero planes and electric trains. the chimpanzees can’t in any way develop them. Human diet also distinguishes them. both the chimpanzees and the human beings are omnivorous though the humans are more of carnivorous than their closest relative. Chimpanzees throughout their lives occasionally depend on other mammals’ flesh they get through hunting but restrict themselves mostly to fruits and sometimes insects. Opposite to this, humans do feed on the cooked flesh and plants rather than the raw food eaten by the chimps. Posture and locomotion have also defined human differently from their closest relative the chimpanzees. Though both humans and the chimpanzees are considered to portray the bipedalism factor, the distance and time through which this happens define the whole trait. Humans walk throughout their entire lives and perform their daily chores since infancy in two feet unlike the chimpanzees who locomote using their four limbs but can walk and often stand with two feet. This is because humans have bowl-shaped pelvises that provide support to their internal body organs. Chimpanzees do lean forward during their locomotion making them walk using four legs. Chimpanzees, unlike the human beings, have large toes making them stronger than their fore limbs, therefore, using them for crawling, climbing and easy rotating when climbing the trees.

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