Compose A 1500 Words Essay On Ethical Matters Needs To Be Plagiarism Free Downlo

Compose a 1500 words essay on Ethical Matters. Needs to be plagiarism free!

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Universal ethical principles are necessary to have considering the fact that, every profession in the world have shown that without ethical principles delivering the calling of that profession is not a guarantee. Consider a profession that deals directly with the life of a person. Without ethical principles, anyone in the profession can violate the rights of the citizens. Coming to the world of business, ethics govern back and forth the events pertaining to good business. Universal ethical principles in many occasions are a recipe for good leadership and governance. The legislations of laws governing the human nature in a given country have the spirit of universal ethics manifested in it. Universal ethics serve to bring unity and uniformity among professionals in their line of duty. It further ensures that there is a clear course to be pursued in addressing the needs of the clients. Consider the various professionals in the world, without universal ethics, the so far made technological advances, no one knows. maybe it would have brought disaster to the world. The 1st fundamental principle of ethics is that of respect for autonomy. Everyone has the obligation to respect the decision of others especially if it concerns their lives. This principle goes a long way in shaping a person’s character to the effect that others will appreciate the tolerance they have towards the lifestyle others. The other principle is that of beneficence. every individual has an obligation to bring about good things in whatever they engage in. the third principle is that of nonmaleficence. This principle requires of us not to harm others. and if we cannot avoid the harm, our effort should be to minimize the harm. The last fundamental principle is that of justice. this principle requires of us to accord others whatever is they are rightly owed. In public life for example, we have an obligation to treat all people equally, fairly, and impartially. Therefore, in the case where others are treated unfairly, our obligation therefore, will be to work for the benefit those who are unfairly treated (Adler, 1996) From the works of Plato and Aristotle, good life can be termed as being able to live up to the ethical and moral standards in the society. In order to live morally, one must uphold the spirit of morality, which does not depend on any benefits coming about by being moral. Consider a situation where one lies for self interest. on the contrary, it is expected that everyone can benefit if people accept self denial. People should be able to appreciate their long term interests. this is however not the case, most people subscribe to the austere view that justification of moral principles should be independent of our interests (Devettere, 2002). In doing our duties we should be foster a lifestyle in which virtue should be the only reward to enable us assume no other benefit in doing our duty. To achieve this, people should embrace contend in their lifestyle. More often than not, greed crops in when we are serving others and in the course of event we want to believe that whatever is ours by right is not enough so much, so that we sacrifice what belongs to others. By also embracing the call for duty to serve others, without wanting to mind of what benefits we can get out of it, we can no doubt lead a good life (Adler, 1996) .

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