Compose A 1500 Words Essay On Difference Between Real And Artifial In The Age Of

Compose a 1500 words essay on Difference between Real and Artifial in the Age of Digital Technology. Needs to be plagiarism free!

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Digital technologies refer to accessing any information, anywhere, anytime through a digital device. It also allows interacting by sharing comments, feedbacks, live chats etc. furthermore, the digital media is very close to the forms of art and science. The technology, equipment and gears used are the scientific postmodern advancements that have been made and which greatly allow the digital media to take over. However, art also has a close link with the digital media which has influenced the media world (Angela, p251). Although arts is something which is created, innovated and formed by the imaginations of an artist, the meaning can be taken in another way which is the transformation and artificiality of the real picture. The digital media is not only influencing the scientific world, but it is also changing the role of an artist. An artist is meant to use his imaginations to produce creativity, but today the digital world has lead an artist to work on the transformations of reality to artificiality. Digital technologies have enabled powerful forms of artistic creation, simulation and special effects but there are already questions that artists have begun to ask. One of the question is that is the use of digital media a threat to the original innovation and imagination of an artist. A piece of art tends to show the imaginations of an artist conceiving the 3D world around us, however when it comes to digital technologies, science believes that there is more than just the 3D world. Thus, they call it ‘technoetics’. They use this word because they believe in recognizing the technology with the wide imaginations of an artist. They believe that the consciousness can be well represented through the digital technologies as the visualization is immense. The best example which can be seen around is the use of digitalization in images. It involves the use of new artistic creations, simulations and special effects that are done by the use of graphics in digital technology. There is an original art in the visualization of reality into a painting, sculpture, drawing or photograph. A photograph captures reality and every photograph shows a new piece of art to the people. However, the use of digital media on such a photograph can change the view of the picture from being realistic to fiction (Monahan, p15). An image, despite being taken originally has to go through digitalization in this modern era. This includes alterations made on these images. transformations, editing and renovations. A graphic designer would hold the job to modify a real picture through the many tools available. The detailing and working on a picture would lead it to have special effects that would make it evident that the picture has been simulated. This way a picture loses its natural look and the originality that shows the vision of the artist. The original handmade work of an artist is the real form of artistic creation. Though digital graphics is also a type of arts which is greatly used in the modern era in place of handmade art works, it includes the use of graphic plates and digital pens. It is a form of art which allows an artist to express his views on a digital medium rather than a paper or canvas. This is the artificial form of artistic creation, not because of the difference in ideology, but because of the mediums of technology used in both these types.

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