Compose A 1500 Words Essay On Based On Typical Hotel Organization Chart Consolid

Compose a 1500 words essay on Based on typical hotel organization chart consolidate the Department Heads reports outlining how the hotel will fully meet all the needs of the attendees. Needs to be plagiarism free!

The Four Seasons Hotel authorities must ensure security as well as high quality services to the visitors. High quality service delivered to the attendees would help to enhance brand value of the hotel in long run.

In the contemporary era, all prominent business organizations operating within the hospitality industry try to improve service quality and customer satisfaction within business. It is found that superior services provided by a hotel helps to increase its aggregate profitability as well as base of loyal customers. Buyers’ loyalty towards a company and satisfaction derived share a directly proportional relationship (Halil and Tanova 33-41). This report would mention that Four Seasons Hotel has an aim to generate 100% occupancy rate from 29th November to 4th December. This is because, in that period of time, foreign delegates from across the globe would visit the hotel for attending the G20 Summit held in Seattle. Thus, in order to achieve the target, the hotel must introduce ways to enhance quality of its service, thereby augmenting customers’ loyalty or satisfaction.

In addition to major services, the hotel also offers special business services to visitors. The above list shows various types of commercial services provided by the company, which renders business tours of corporate officials comfortable and convenient. The manager must ensure that all these services are uninterruptedly delivered to the hotel attendees.

The accommodations of the hotel are placed on first ten floors. The company owns 147 guest rooms and 13 luxury suites (“Four Seasons Hotel”). The housekeeping officials of the hotel must ensure that facilities available in each room of the hotel can be well-used by attendees. In general, rooms of the hotel are decorated in ways that complement local cultures around the world. The workers of the housekeeping

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