Compose A 1500 Words Essay On Architecture In The Machine Age Needs To Be Plagia

Compose a 1500 words essay on Architecture in the Machine Age. Needs to be plagiarism free!

Three new materials were generated in the field of architecture in the industrial revolution during the 20th century: steel glass and reinforced concrete (Giedion, 1954). These new materials were flexible to use, mass produced and inexpensive. These impacted American cities in a big way by allowing better density through taller buildings. During 1850-1900, the Crafts and Art Movement was a response to industrial revolution. In 1765, James Watt invented steam engine and it propelled the mechanization of transportation, industry, and agriculture. In Britain, that altered the lives of working people. The towns and cities developed to accommodate the expansion of industries and the introduction of new workers who came from the countryside for employment. However, the standard of living deteriorated slowly and people felt that the life had changed but for the worst.‘In England’, many had given up the rural lifestyle. From the green and ‘pleasant land’ they came and joined the industrial revolution, – ‘dark Satanic mills’ for the purpose of an employment. As a result, the workers lost the feel of belongingness and security, which generally comes from staying in a smaller community.The members of the movement of Arts and Crafts included architects, designers, artists, writers and craftsmen Guillâen, They were afraid the industrialization was demolishing the traditional crafts and skills. The credit went to machines for producing the quality goods with high skill and design.

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