Compose A 1500 Words Essay On Aquinas Fifth Way Argument Is It Valid Can We Dedu

Compose a 1500 words essay on Aquinas’ fifth way argument: is it valid can we deduce from it that god exists. Needs to be plagiarism free!

sion presents a summation of Aquinas’ Fifth Way argument promoting a grand designer and examines points of view from David Hume, John Hicks, and Douglas Geivett among others regarding the validity of its reasoning regarding the existence of God. As it is imperative to understand the context of Aquinas’ Fifth Way argument, a brief description of the first four ways (all based on the study of natural events) will be presented.

Aquinas was, as were many intellectuals of his time, influenced by the works of Aristotle (384-322 BC) who had argued that for something to be created or to changed necessitated the influence of an outside source. This concept was the basis for Aquinas’ theological writings noticeable predominantly in the first three of Aquinas’ Five Ways. The first way involves the evidence of motion. Everything in the world changes at some point and because something in motion needs a force to move this change proves the existence of God.2 Aquinas borrowed this concept to propose the sustaining acts of God arguing that without Him, the heavens and the earth cease to exist. This is the fundamental idea that everything contained in the universe is dependent on something other than itself for its existence. Despite the fact that the earth appears to be self-perpetuating, one should take into account the origins of the universe as well.3 The second way has to do with the concept of efficient cause. For the sequence of the apparent causes and effects in the world to seem sensible, this sequence must have a beginning therefore God exists.4 The concept of cause and effect suggests there cannot be an effect without cause nor can there be a continual regression of cause and effect thus “there must be a first cause which is God.”5 The third way explains that everything that exists does not owe its existence to itself. However, “if all things are contingent, there could not have been anything as at one time all these could be non-existent. To

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