Compose A 1500 Words Essay On Alfuttaim Motors Toyota Needs To Be Plagiarism Fre

Compose a 1500 words essay on Alfuttaim motors Toyota. Needs to be plagiarism free!

This has made it to enhance the robust development of the automotive industry of the UAE as well as contributing to its significant growth widely. Alfuttaim motors have the greatest number of its vehicles on the road as compared to other automobile manufacturers in the world. Its vehicle brands target both the middle-class economy as well as the first-economy economy (Nayak & Josh, 2012).

Its vehicle brand, the Lexus, targets the first-class economy. This is because it is quite expensive and it can only be afforded by people who consider themselves as falling under the category of first-class. The sales of this Lexus brand are however minimized by the stiff competition from the German machines like the Mercedes Benz and the BMW. The majority of the sales of the Alfuttaim motors are the Toyota. This is because these types of vehicles are affordable to the middle-class in the economy. It is also notable that the middle-class makes up the largest percentage of the people in the world. It is also the biggest sale as it is accompanied by a wide variety of material handling equipment from the same manufacturer which is equally affordable to the middle-class. This has made Alfuttaim motors to be a significant exporter of cars in the developing nations as that is where most of the middle-class people reside.

The target market of the Alfuttaim Motors is spread throughout the world. This is mainly due to its ability to cater for the vehicle needs of all the people whether they are low income earners or the high income earners. Its ability to offer a wide variety of motor vehicles also places it at a better position to capture a wide market base in the world. It is acknowledged that the Alfuttaim motors makes affordable vehicle brands for the low income earners so as to provide them with a rudimentary means of transport (Nayak & Josh, 2012). It also makes luxurious cars, for example the Lexus,

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