Compose A 1500 Words Essay On A Critical Analysis Of The Mann Ornstein Needs To

Compose a 1500 words essay on A Critical Analysis of the Mann & Ornstein. Needs to be plagiarism free!

Without a doubt, the extremism exhibited by the Republican Party has created a system that resembles parliamentary systems in other countries. Notably, the United States relies on a constitutional system, which is completely different from the parliamentary system. Using numerous examples, the authors depict the efforts made by the Republican Party to debilitate the functions of the democratic government. This paper will offer a critical analysis of the arguments presented in the book.

Both Mann and Ornstein have vast experience in political analysis. Thomas Mann works for the Brookings institution while Norman Ornstein is a political analyst and commentator, and authors the weekly article on “Congress Inside Out”, which appears in the Roll Call. From a close analysis of the American political system and the moves made by both the Democratic and the Republican parties, these authors have the conviction that there are two outstanding sources of dysfunction. One of the outstanding sources is the increased polarization of the political parties taking the form of parliamentary parties that prove to be highly adversarial. In a parliamentary system, the adversarial parties are allowed, but that does not minimize the powers of the majority. However, in the constitutional system followed by the United States, there is a distinct separation of powers and the majority has limitations of power. Therefore, a constitutional system requires both compromise and negotiation between the majority and the minority if any agenda is to be passed. However, Mann and Ornstein highlight that the polarization that has emerged only serves to limit any effective compromise or negotiation. This has caused an apparent mismatch between the types of parties in place and the constitutional system supposed to be followed (Mann & Ornstein, 2012).

The other problem identified is the increasing insurgency and ideologies of the Republican Party.

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