Compose A 1500 Words Essay On A Business Report About The Company Called Friend

Compose a 1500 words essay on A business report about the company called friend. Needs to be plagiarism free!

I (David) took the responsibility of finding out solutions to their problems. Therefore a business report is compiled, which itemises each department and issue so that every problem can be studied.

After discussion with the owners and then studying their marketing approach, it appears that they have no such plan at all. They believe in advertising through their customers. however it is evident that the customer base is not at all increasing. Their customers might be loyal, but are not good at advertising them. Similarly there is no customer base in the two café-bars too. Most people only come there by chance. The café-bars again are not advertised.

The saloons and bar both sell different products. It can be established that the products need to be suited for the targeted audience. The saloons can sell Aveda products directly to their customers, to get extra income. The bars too can cut their menu to more focused foods.

No advertising is used at all. Publicity to increase sales is missing as well. The fact that local music events are organized at the bars makes it easier to introduce new products. This opportunity needs to be utilized in order to publicise the saloons without any additional cost.

Understanding the customer better allows designing appropriate products. The Friends have to understand that they can no longer survive with their current customer base. For example, in the café-bars the food sure has variety, but no focus. This makes customer less likely to come to the bars.

After inquiring for some customers it was noticed that the environment at the saloons was not customer friendly. The services given by the staff aren’t satisfactory, thought the haircuts were good. The overall processes of the business are run on ad-hoc basis, with no planning at all. Processes need to be streamlined and a clear guideline has to be established.

Friends can utilise their personal relationship to promote themselves, they can easily make promotional

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