Compose A 1500 Words Essay On 1 Appreciate Important Issues In Computer System D

Compose a 1500 words essay on 1.Appreciate important issues in computer system design such as speed and flexibility and be able to demonstrate an understanding of the organisational principles of current computer systems. Needs to be plagiarism free!

In the mid 1970’s when the personal computer was not as common as the current times, computing attacks were done on the telephone systems for example John Draper hacked the AT&T system to make free long distance calls. Randy (2009) pointed out that he achieved to get through the respective system by a simple whistle which he got in a cereal box. Later, he came to be known as Captain Krunch. Different types of attacks have been witnessed over the years and have gotten more sophisticated with the advent of new technology.

By the end of 1970s, personal computers became comparatively more accessible than earlier. This marked the start of spam emails. first spam email was sent in 1978 on ARPAnet by the CEO of Digital Equipment Corporation to disable a new computer. The spam in those times generally consisted of advertisements or promotions unlike the financial gain objectives that are hidden in them now. The current motives behind spam deal with far more severe aspects for e.g. identity frauds, online scams. Personal email addresses databases are maintained by many companies these days. Spam is sent to these recipients without their consent or permission with the alias of different forms to make them look professional. These kinds of spam emails transformed into phishing by the year 1996 and consisted of content like the announcement of winning of a lottery by the recipient or an official letter from his respective bank to update his personal details. The recipient enters his personal information in response, thinking that it is a genuine banking process. The email scammer gains the recipient’s personal information as well as banking information that can be used in any desired malicious activity.

The stealing of personal information has led to the most appalling of the cyber crimes which is “identity theft”. According to the statistics provided by the Javelin Strategy & Research Center

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