Compose A 1500 Words Assignment On The Ethical Problem Of Hospital Needs To Be P

Compose a 1500 words assignment on the ethical problem of hospital. Needs to be plagiarism free! Enron’s boss is cognizant that when I was working at the public hospital, Enron worked closely with the senior management of the hospital. Additionally, he was familiar with a number of both the hospital management and the government department of health. Following my experience in working in the public hospital is aware of the critical issues in the transfer the work from the public hospital to a private hospital. His firm pays large bonuses to employees who successfully move from the general hospital to private. Additionally, the accountants collude with the management in window-dressing the financial statements to portray profits being generated by the hospital when it is not the case. The top management director had some information regarding the fall of the shares in the stock exchange. The manager made a point of selling the shares before disclosing such information to the public and respective investors over the future fall in the shares of the public hospital shares.

It determination of the ethical dilemma it is necessary to determine the reason Enron was chosen is because of the experience and knowledge he had in the medical services of the eye patients and the familiarity he had with the senior management over some time with the government and the public hospital. The ethical requirements demand that there should be nothing like threats that might hinder the competence, professionalism, integrity or objectivity of the professional. In the above case, there exist are a number of threats to professionalism.

There is a threat of self-interest (Williams, 2007). In the above case, it is well stated that the management has an offer of paying Enron a handsome amount after accepting the demands of the senior management. This raises an ethical dilemma. Another threat that is being portrayed is the threat of familiarity. It is clear that Enron has been working with the senior manager for some time.

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