Compose A 1500 Words Assignment On Social Performance Ethics Program Needs To Be

Compose a 1500 words assignment on social performance: ethics program. Needs to be plagiarism free! Health care facilities, institutions for aging and social challenges, as well as in-home solutions for health care technology applications all are available through this multi-capacity ICT based company. ICT can be viewed as a type of IT, thus IT companies have been used for comparison.

Apple is a large company that has IT solutions that come in the form of the development of devices and equipment. Apple has a comprehensive code of ethics which includes fair trade issues, supplier responsibility, fair labor, audits around the world, and methods for corrective measures (Apple, 2013). An independent IT consultant, in contrast, has an ethics code that includes information on the rights of his clients and how he will conduct himself in relationship to the work he has been contracted to perform (Camden, 2008). While Apple must address international manufacturing and trade, an independent consultant must be far more concerned with the immediate needs of the individual client relationship. Semprus Bio (2013) is a company concerned with medical IT solutions. The company has similar ethics as most companies but have recently created additions to their ethics codes which include prohibiting entertaining clients in order to gain their business as this can be seen as a form of bribery. Semprus Bio (2013) also has a program to provide items at no cost to the clients that are intended for educational purposes.

Some of the issues that this company will need to address in an ethics program are off-sight behaviors, customer relations, and safety concerns during installation. Other ethical considerations that are specific to ICT include cyber theft issues, confidentiality, and customer interrelations. A code of ethics should address how workers will be treated and how they will treat one another. Any legal issues that can& avoided by ethical standards of practice should also be addressed.

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