Compose A 1500 Words Assignment On Situational Leadership Needs To Be Plagiarism

Compose a 1500 words assignment on situational leadership. Needs to be plagiarism free! Latest research found that most leaders exhibited one of four combinations of task and relationship behaviors (Smith, Waller, and Warnock, 1989, p.1).

Ken Blanchard and Paul Hersey developed a situational theory of leadership style. Their model of leadership shows that the practice of leading other employees requires one to be able to adopt job experience and skills of the individual employees. There are several theories that try to explain the actual perception and mentality a true leader should have, but all in all, a situational leader is required to be able to adapt their leadership skills according to the needs of the employees and perform it effectively according to situational context (Blanchard & Hersey, 2010).

An effective or/and efficient leader is a leader who practices a behavioral and situational leadership. This kind of leader should be able to test different compromising situation to be able to determine which style of leadership will be successful in a particular situation (Lyons & Goldsmith, 2006, p.27). Effective leaders have the potential, interests, abilities and exemplary personality behavior to lead than non-effective leaders. They have the desire and willingness to lead others in the right way because they are always empowered by full confidence all the time. Not all successful leaders are effective or situational leaders, but the most successful ones have higher intelligence and emotional maturity (Hellriegel, & Slocum, 2007, p.216).

Successful leaders have the desire to achieve better results in whatever position they are holding. They keep on seeking one goal after the other without depending on employees for motivation in achieving these goals. One has always a higher sense of integrity by strictly following and practicing the laid down set of values (Hellriegel, & Slocum, 2007, p.217).

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