Compose A 1500 Words Assignment On Haemophillia Type A Genetic Disease Needs To

Compose a 1500 words assignment on haemophillia type a genetic disease. Needs to be plagiarism free! At times, there occurs a change in genes or mutation which alters the instructions present in genes for protein making. Then the protein either misses entirely or stops working properly, causing certain medical condition known as genetic disorder. So, a genetic disease refers to a disorder or illness that is caused by one or multiple defects and abnormalities present in the genome. It is particularly caused by a certain condition which is congenital (present since birth). Such disorders are usually rare to occur and, in several thousand, only one person is affected (Griffiths, Anthony. Wessler, Susan, Carroll, Sean, Doebley, John, p. 57).

The genetic abnormality in many people may range from minor to major, or in other words, from a single base discrete mutation in the DNA of a single gene to a gross chromosome abnormality connecting the subtraction or addition of a set of chromosomes or chromosomes on whole. There are different types of genetic disorders. some are passed down to children from parents, while many other genetic abnormalities occur due to mutations or acquired changes in a preexisting group of genes or gene. It is usually due to the various environmental exposures that gene mutations occurs (MedicineNet).

The disorders caused by mutation of genes may not be heritable sometimes, i.e., passed down to offspring from parents genes. The genetic disorders that are non-heritable as they may be defected by the new changes or mutations to the DNA. In these situations, if the defect occurs in germ line, only then, it will be heritable. On the other hand, the inherited genetic conditions in some people may be the reason for the occurrence of same disease, such as a particular type of cancer (Kuliev, Verlinsky, p.179–83). This happens mainly through the environmental reasons and also by new mutations in many other people.

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