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In addition, Montaigne hates cruelty against living things. He questions the presumption that human beings can and should rule over other creatures when the former could be so cruel to the latter. He gives examples of how ancient peoples despised cruelty against human beings and animals too, even those who/that have wronged them. Montaigne argues that torture and the death penalty are examples of human cruelty. He does not approve of cruelty because it violates the human sensibility for compassion and it turns humans into inhumane monsters.

Jane Kramer describes Montaigne’s writings about the “self,” most especially, his “self.” Montaigne was 38 years old when he started writing his essays for the purpose of pursuing “Myself” or his identity. Kramer advises that people can best read Montaigne through his own observation of himself. By the self, she refers to Montaigne’s second life, because his identity in his writings is detached from his real life. She wonders why Montaigne did not speak with more details about his life. He did not connect his beliefs to his own experiences as a politician, family man, and a man with religion. She indicates that this must have enriched his thoughts about many more issues. She adds that Montaigne did not discuss other important political and social issues in his time too. Moreover, Kramer notes that Montaigne criticizes his essays for lack of unity. He also admits to fearing fear most of all, although, before he died, he accepted his fear of emptiness that comes after death. Kramer ends with Montaigne’s desire to be statesman again. However, before he returns to a political post, he has become too sick of his kidney stones to perform his political functions.

WikiHow describes the method of writing a five paragraph essay. It starts with an introduction that sets the tone and hooks the audience. The hook must be followed by the topic and then the thesis. The thesis must be coherent and

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