Compose A 1250 Words Essay On What Is The Relationship Between Health And Pollut

Compose a 1250 words essay on What is the relationship between health and pollution. Needs to be plagiarism free!

Arguments will be based on the health outcomes of environmental pollution. The research will also focus on examining those that are more vulnerable to environmental pollution.

In addition, the research will try to examine the factors that are causing the high rate of environmental pollution that has a negative impact on the health of the people. Therefore, my position on the relationship between pollution and health is that pollution has a negative effect on human health. There is numerous negative effect of pollution on human health. The essay will also include a concession paragraph, which identifies the strongest arguments held by those that disagree that pollution has negative outcomes on human health. Regulations and monitoring policies that are needed in order to protect the environment that will in turn prevent pollution will be briefly highlighted. A conclusion will be made towards the end of the essay summarizing the main point made in the essay.

There are different forms of pollution that have negative impacts on human health such as air, noise, radioactive contamination, water and indiscriminate disposal of waste, which is soil pollution. The research will mainly focus on air and water pollution, as they are the major causes of human diseases. The major causes of air pollution on human health include cardiovascular and respiratory illness such as asthma and pneumonia. These air pollutants cause air pollution. smoke, sulphur dioxides, particulate matter, ozone and reactive nitrogen just to mention a few. Soil or water pollution may occur when there is the improper management of solid and liquid waste. For an instant, the solid waste may be directed to a water body that is used by human. Solid waste is a significant cause of pollution because of a lack of proper solid waste disposer regulations and disposal facilities (UNEP 9). Such waste may be toxic, infectious and radioactive.

Depending on the source of environmental pollution and interactions

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