Compose A 1250 Words Essay On What Is The Best Procedure For Disciplinating Chil

Compose a 1250 words essay on What is the best procedure for disciplinating children. Needs to be plagiarism free!

Bonding early with the child helps regulate them better later in the life. Infant needs holding, caring and feeding from the care givers, mostly parents and they grow taking cognizance of their parents love and affection. That is how bonding between child and parents develop over time. Spending more time with them in their daily activities of playing, walking and fun activities is one of the surest way of forming an affectionate bonding with them because they feel that their parents are caring for them. The positive interactions between caregiver and child establish a deep bonding between them and a feeling of closeness makes the task of inculcating discipline in child easy and smooth.

Department of Children and Families in the state of Connecticut (2011) prescribes about disciplining the children of different ages that can be described as per the following. It is obvious that treatment differs as per the age variation of children.

Toddlers and infants are curious and they like touching home gadgets to twist and twirl them. It is better to keep those things out of reach of them. Removing those items from their easy reach is a better way. Calmly taking them away or drawing their attention to another activity is best for this age-group of children. Hitting or spanking cannot help for toddlers cannot link physical punishment given to them and their behavior. Timeout is another effective way of disciplining them but it should be restricted for a minute or two as longer timeouts cannot create necessary effect on them.

In this age group of children the understanding between actions and consequences start developing and this is the time when they should be conveyed the rules of home. They should be given lessons for good and bad behaviors. They should be also communicated that good behaviors will be rewarded and bad behaviors will be punished. Timeouts work well for this age-group. Length of timeout is equally important. Timeout period should be such that it is

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