Compose A 1250 Words Essay On The Neighbourhood 2002 Needs To Be Plagiarism Free

Compose a 1250 words essay on The Neighbourhood 2002. Needs to be plagiarism free!

In selecting suitable areas, their research work included personal knowledge, maps, census, and data that indicated depravity in different areas. In order to understand the potential boundaries of different areas they went on a tour and studied the neighborhood for their public space, shopping facilities and so on, in order to understand the nature of the areas that facilitated interaction between people as well as the areas of disorder.

They chose two affluent neighborhoods on the fringe of the city- the boundaries of the Edinburgh neighborhood had low- rise housing flats and semi- detached private dwellings. In the case of Glasgow, playing fields acted as a sort of “buffer zone that separated the neighborhoods.

Five key sections took part in the interviews – secondary school teachers, community police, councilors, youth group representatives and community councilors. These interviews were designed in such a way in order to study the social connections between the different neighborhoods. Baumgartner used the term “champions” to describe the outside agencies that took part in the interview and wondered if they would be of any use.In the affluent areas, crime and disorder such as property crime, environmental degradation and disturbances involving young people seemed to be the main concerns. On the other hand, serious crime and disorder in the deprived areas seemed to run rampant. Community spirit was perceived to be greater in the affluent neighborhoods than the deprived areas where there was less trust in their neighbors.The neighborly interaction was limited as residents would help in an emergency, but would prefer to keep to themselves otherwise.Findings revealed the varying perceptions of the neighborhood by its residents. Whilst there are pockets of disturbances our findings reflect that perception of crime partially involves people reacting differently to similar phenomena (Hope, 1998). The people of the deprived areas feel that they are more exposed to serious crime and this, in turn, reflects the nature of community relationship enjoyed by their respective residents.

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