Compose A 1250 Words Essay On Reporting On A Religious Service Needs To Be Plagi

Compose a 1250 words essay on Reporting on a Religious Service. Needs to be plagiarism free!

The outside pictures were a distinct depiction of a religious place that was encompassed in its architecture. The temple was fenced all round by metallic rails that demarcated the place from its neighborhoods. The temple had a dome that was indicative of the Shikar-bandhi type of the Jain temples. The temple was beautifully carved with pillars all over the entrance, and the inside of the temple was enclosed. The colors that were used on the outside included white with blue-print of the Jain signs and symbols. From the front, there was only one entrance to access the building with a dome on top of the entrance.

The inside was also decorated with a combination of architecture, paintings, and colors that were similar to those that were outside. On my entry into the building, I took off my shoes because every other believer was taking off their shoes, and it was a sign of etiquette. The inside had two staircases. The downstairs was composed of many rooms that were meant for education and other programs in the temple. The upstairs was the main temple of the believers. The upstairs was an empty hall that had no furniture. However, the floor was covered with a mat. Inside this temple, there were idols that were decorated differently. The middle idol was the most decorated while the three on each of the sides were less decorated. The believers were seated on these mats with their legs folded and their hands laying on their laps. Most people in this service were middle class and the high class. Their ethnic group was mainly Indian, and their gender was composed of both males and females. Their ages were varied from approximately 3years to 70 years old.

I went upstairs to the service because that was the location of the temple. On this Sunday, the people had attended the service for prayer. On the way they pray, before we entered the temple, the people should put something yellow on their forehead and wipe their heads a little of

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