Compose A 1250 Words Essay On Psychological Review Of School Shootings In The Us

Compose a 1250 words essay on Psychological Review of School Shootings in the USA. Needs to be plagiarism free!

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The Ohio school shooting in 2012 brought back the issue firmly in public light as a modern day concern. The injuries and deaths caused by such school shootings are a source of major concern to American society, sparking debates from various angles including gun control and touching on important societal issues such as drug abuse and parenting. Amid the controversy and confusion that accompany these shootings, psychological analysis may help explain the pathological behavior among the perpetrators. This is important as it may help highlight the underlying problem and, thus, aid in establishing effective strategies to deal with the problem. The recurrence of the shootings indicates that the society has not quite understood the reasons behind such incidents, further adding impetus to the need for psychological explanations. The personality of a perpetrator of a school shooting can be viewed through several psychological concepts. In terms of the psychoanalytic theory, the personality of the perpetrators is viewed as being influenced by important childhood experiences that shape the personality of the perpetrator later in life. …

When this occurs, individuals usually establish defense mechanisms. whereas some defense mechanisms would lead deviation from the plan, others result in rationalization of the issue. Thus, engaging in the shooting spree becomes acceptable and justifiable in the mind of the perpetrator. The original decision to go on a shooting spree may also be a form of negative compensation for other underlying issues such as being accepted and being victimized by bullies as has been mostly said to be the problem in these shootings. Importantly, the psychoanalytic concepts explain that the observed shooting incidents may find explanations in childhood experiences and defense mechanisms. The concepts of the psychoanalytic theory, however, cannot be generalized across all cases of the perpetrators of high school shootings. Concepts from the Traits theory can also be applied in explaining the shootings observed in USA schools. In particular, Eysenck’s dimensions of personality involving neuroticism versus emotional stability, extraversion versus introversion and lastly, psychopathology help analyze school shooting perpetrators. Neuroticism versus emotional stability explains the individual’s ability to control their feelings. here, the perpetrator is viewed as having a neuroticism personality as they are unable to manage their affect, leading to extreme actions such as going on a shooting spree. Most of the perpetrator’s psychology profile shows them as being reserved and withdrawn, with fewer friends and limited interaction although not in every case. This is characteristic of introversion as a dimension of personality among the perpetrators.

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