Compose A 1250 Words Essay On Points Of Access Citizens Have In The American Gov

Compose a 1250 words essay on Points of Access citizens have in the American Government. Needs to be plagiarism free!

These three outlets are chosen because they seem to be the most efficient approaches to letting American government know about the grievances of its citizens.

There are broadly two kinds of demonstrations: there are peaceful and non-peaceful demonstrations. In the United States, peaceful demonstrations are mostly carried out by special interests groups, disgruntled workers, angry people from the same communities, unpaid workers, and topical issues opponents. Since the inauguration of Obama Administration, several peaceful demonstrations or protests have been carried by those who felt that his Government was moving off course: they include protests against Health Care reforms, Abortion issues, Big government spending and several other testy issues that divide or unify Americans. The main merit of peaceful demonstrations is that they are not often dispersed by the jaded police, since it has no immediate dangers to the public safety and would not disrupt usual business activities (Holbrook 4)1.

It may be difficult, at times, to precisely detect the efficiency of a demonstration, but there is no doubt that it is an open expression of displeasure at the US Governmental policies. And it is always true that the particular section of the government affected by the demonstrations often take into consideration what the demonstrators are fighting for.

When peaceful, a demonstration can attract an unbelievable number of people who shared in the same urgency to make their voices heard against a typical injustice or mismanagement of public limited resources.

The courts in the United States have been described as the last resort for common men: in other words, anyone who feels that his/her fundamental rights have been breached, or has been cruelly treated against the dictates of the US Constitution, can seek legal redress in any of the courts in America. Structurally, these courts range from the Municipality Court to the Circuit Court, Appeal Court

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