Compose A 1250 Words Essay On Operations Managing Quality At Apple Needs To Be P

Compose a 1250 words essay on Operations: managing Quality at Apple. Needs to be plagiarism free!

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These operations are crucial in determining how the organization carries out and executes its strategies in the market (Lariviere, 2012). Discussion In tackling the issue of operations, Apple has introduced a product line so as to ensure that the organization does not produce products that will not be in high quantities while selling in the market. Apple also tackles the issue of operations by ensuring that all the products that the organization deals with are in high volumes. This enables the company to manipulate suppliers and make demands based on the company’s needs. Apple also manages operations by ensuring that all their customers have all products, which they need. This means that Apple employs sophisticated technology while producing their products. In addition, the organization ensures that the customer gets a variety of products, which are more than the products that the competitors offer. Apple also addresses the issue of operations by ensuring that they anticipate solutions to the problems, which may arise when they sell their products to customers (Lariviere, 2011). In order to address the issue of operations, Apple also engages in overseas manufacturing. …

Moreover, the company enhances its operations by having many employees who work through the contractors that the company has. Employees under the network of contractors are mainly outside the United States so as to ensure that the company markets itself in most parts of the world (Ong, 2012). Apple can be regarded as the leading company in the world when it comes to innovation and product development. This emanates from the fact that the company engages in the development of software, hardware, as well as digital products and services that may be related to the software and hardware. As a result, this ensures that the company focuses on several dimensions in the production of products and services and ensures that customers have many products to choose from. Supply chain management at Apple is also different from the supply chain management of other companies. The supply chain management employed by Apple ensures that the company finds it easy to manage demand. Consequently, the customers who purchase products from Apple remain loyal to the company, and this ensures that even new devices, which the company produces, get a ready market. In some instances, customers may even line up before stores open to buy the new products, which Apple introduces in the market (Banker, 2012). Operations with regard to supply chain at Apple can also be enhanced through the company’s utilization of strategies such as vertical integration. Apple has had the capacity to combine two realms of the supply chain. For example, the company has succeeded in ensuring that it adopts both physical and digital supply chain with a lot of efficiency and at an affordable cost.

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