Compose A 1250 Words Essay On Operations Management Assignment 2 Needs To Be Pla

Compose a 1250 words essay on Operations Management Assignment 2. Needs to be plagiarism free!

The challenges to the operations manger are not isolated to E-commerce only, but cut across all the businesses that require the services of the Operations Manger (Stevenson, 2008).

The operations manager has a difficult time in the choice of the practice to adopt in the running of the business. This competition is internal and is brought about by the many interests that are in a business. An example of this competition that emanates from within the business is when a systems manger in the business prefers the use of e-mails in communicating to employees while the finance section prefers memos that are written. These differences in the most appropriate practice to adopt especially on communication can have negative effects on the flow of information within the business. This therefore, calls upon the operations manager to draw standardized operational procedures that everybody within the company should go by (Stevenson, 2008).

Jackey Lohery in a research on the difficulties that managers encounter pointed customers as the most grievous in causing problems. This is more serious with e-commerce that reaches customers of all manner and kind. The customers raise issues that are in some instances beyond the ability of employees to answer or respond to (Stevenson, 2008). Delivery of a product that is below the expectations of the customer may make them angry and it will need an operations manager with superb conflict resolution skills to calm such customers down.

Customer disappointment is frequent in e-commerce because customers have unrealistic expectations about the goods that should be delivered to them. It therefore frustrates them when they are given a good that does not much these expectations. Operation should therefore provide a forum for customers to lodge there complains and to participate in the development of the business. Customer satisfaction is a big challenge in online businesses that operations managers are under charge to surmount if the business

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