Compose A 1250 Words Essay On Online Educational System Needs To Be Plagiarism F

Compose a 1250 words essay on Online Educational System. Needs to be plagiarism free!

This will offer the facility to effectively meet the requirements of students, teachers, and management. In addition, this will also offer the better fulfillment of needs of the online communication, data transfer, security, and privacy.

The University of Grantham online system needs to be based on the number of groupware applications. In the development of these applications, each development team needs to work on a specific area of the overall system development. In this scenario, the inter-communication among all teams is really essential. However, at the time of the system merger, we can face some compatibility problems. These problems can emerge due to different development style, programming approach, and a communication interface. Therefore, when these groupware applications have combined the problems regarding the combined operational compatibility could arise. In this scenario, to resolve such problems we need to offer a better and enhanced communication interface to all development teams of the groupware applications. In this way, the inter-communication will offer effective management of the major compatibility problems.

For the development of the University of Grantham online distant learning system, we will require a lot of groupware applications. The main groupware application is email based communication application. This will offer the communication facility to all the users of groupware application. Then the next main groupware application we will require is about the newsgroups and mailing list. This will facilitate the presentation of current events regarding the education. This will also provide the facility of distributing any current news to the students and teachers. Another groupware application that is required is about the video communication.&nbsp.This will offer the facility to share the video lectures at the online website for the students.&nbsp.

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