Compose A 1250 Words Essay On Nursing Informatics Article Review Needs To Be Pla

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r them to be provided with all necessary information so that their provision of care can be more efficient since this will help in improving patient outcomes. Nurses have for a long time, played a pivotal role in health provision, but despite their efforts, Sensmeier notes that they are being left behind by government healthcare policies. She declares that if the government is indeed willing to reform the healthcare system, it is essential that nurses be actively involved because it is they, more than any other medical practitioner, who have an active knowledge of patient problems, as well as most weaknesses in healthcare provision. Therefore, nurses should take new technology to bring about a change in health care, and this should include an inclusion of nursing informatics in patient care. Nursing informatics should be given a prominent role in breaking the barriers that prevent nurses from being more efficient in their work because it provides them with much needed information concerning how to bring care to their patients at a personalized level. The article recommends that the future of healthcare depends on ensuring nurses receive at least a bachelor’s degree whose significant parts involve informatics, allowing them leadership positions within healthcare as well as ensuring that they all provided with the opportunity to practice without any barriers as has previously been the case.

Susan Rosenberg and Jeff Rodik in their article declare the role of bedside nurses in informatics is quite limited in scope and this is mainly because it is normally not included in their training. They state that most organizations, which have implemented go-live projects, tend to ignore including bedside nurses for ongoing maintenance as required for clinical application programs (Rosenberg & Rodik, 2012). Go-live projects tend to be discontinued after one week and this does not provide bedside nurses with ample time to utilize the system on behalf of their patients. These

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