Compose A 1250 Words Essay On New Zealand Milk Powder Problem Needs To Be Plagia

Compose a 1250 words essay on New Zealand Milk Powder problem. Needs to be plagiarism free!

The paper discusses food security and sovereignty in New Zealand. I choose New Zealand because it has experienced various instances of food insecurity especially from the dairy sector. There have existed several instances of hunger and malnourishment in New Zealand. The paper looks into the causes of food insecurity in New Zealand and discusses the political, social and economic issues related to food insecurity. The major issue considered by the paper is the problem faced by milk powder production in New Zealand, having been the largest country in milk powder export.

This country is suited in the Southwest Pacific Ocean and constitutes three major islands. Stewart, North and South Islands. It constitute of about half a million of Maori (The People) together with two million Pakeha (New Zealand European) in the north, and about 800,000 Pakeha in the south. The group is culturally a subdivision between the English and Scottish. The population recorded in 1996 was 3,681, 546 people with the North Island having 2,749, 980 and South island constituting about 931, 566 people. The urban dwellers were approximated to occupy about 85% with the city of Auckland constituting about 1 million people (Finfer et al 2004: 589). The European origin provided about 80% of the population majorly from Poland, Germany, UK, Australia and Sweden. with 14.5 stating to be from Maori decent and Pacific islanders forming the remaining. The country is under the British Commonwealth, and the head of the government is the governor general. The country is under the House of Representatives with 120 members and six parties. The country is no longer seen as a welfare state with all people in the same classes. Three are evidence of ethnic poverty in the areas with slums around large cities with large numbers occupied by the Maori. The country has a society that is well organized when it comes

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