Compose A 1250 Words Essay On Impossible Peace Israel Palestine Since 1989 Needs

Compose a 1250 words essay on Impossible Peace Israel/Palestine since 1989. Needs to be plagiarism free!

Mark LeVine has also written and edited a number of other books hitherto this book. other titles to his name include Twilight of Empire (2003), Social Practices and Contested Hegemonies (2004), Overthrowing Geography (2005), Why They Dont Hate Us (2005), Religion, as well as the Heavy Metal Islam (2008). In the book, the author demonstrates his prowess at weaving together the historical, geographical, as well as the socio-political knowledge in six detailed chapters that give a lucid analysis of the course of the Israeli-Palestine conflict beginning at the end of the Cold War.

According to LeVine’s book, the Oslo Accords, which were signed by luminaries from around the world on the lawn of the White House, was neither going to grant peace nor justice to any of the parties particularly because of the terms of, and ideologies underlying the agreements? LeVine argues that the pervasive ‘history of the present’, an expression of the modern western ambitions to dominate the Middle East, inhibits genuine reconciliation between the wrangling parties. The author strongly criticizes Oslo for its simplistic view holding that the injurious consequences of globalization and neoliberalism are largely to blame for the collapse of the peace negotiation process in the Palestine/Israeli conflict. The book expresses the ceaseless Israeli occupation of Palestine as Israeli expansionism and reluctance to envisage a free Palestinian state with the backing of America, probably because of the powerful Israeli influence in Washington as well as because of Israeli’s capacity to guarantee American interests in the volatile Middle East region.

Besides tracing the effect of the post-Cold War ‘new world order’ on the politics of the fickle Middle East region, the book also traces the conflict of the region to the colonial era in the Ottoman Empire. The author argues that the accords neglected the continued establishment of Jewish settlers coupled with the

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