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GMO’s have been in existence for a long time. GMO technology has been incorporated in both plants and animals. GMO is an organism that the genetic material has been changed by means of genetic engineering (Götz 1961). The technology helps in incorporating new trait to the living organism. Such traits may be resistance to herbicides, droughts, weeds, and some predators. The traits are derived from other organisms mostly bacteria. The technology has been dominant in plant. Plants have been produced that makes their chemicals for fighting insects as well as produce modified starch (Götz 1961). The technology is also in the advanced stage to produce food with high levels of vitamins as well as the antibiotics. The current trend in this technology employs incorporation of several traits to plants genome.

GMO has been on the rise in the world. The major GM crop includes soy, maize, cotton, and rapseed. In fact, in 2008, there were over 100 billion hectares of cultivated GM crops (Götz 1961). Moreover, the number of countries practicing this technology has been on the rise. The technology has been prevalent in countries such as America, India, and China. However, it has received little acceptance in parts of Asia, Europe and Africa (Götz 1962).

GMOs are considered beneficial in various ways. First, the technology has been shown to help in reducing agricultural costs (Lanton 2). Such costs are related to weeds, pests and crop diseases. This occurs through production of plants that are resistant to weeds, pest, and crop diseases. Moreover, the technology is seen as a way of achieving human needs of more food. This has been due to the burgeoning human population in the world. Consumers have questioned whether technology presents long-term health risks. A recent survey done in United States by New York Times found that three-quarters of the American population raised issues about health by having GMOs in their food

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