Compose A 1250 Words Essay On Human Resource Management Analysis Needs To Be Pla

Compose a 1250 words essay on Human Resource Management Analysis. Needs to be plagiarism free!

The company needs to work with HR department in implementing changes that will see the company restructure and hence remain relevant in the market. There is need to establish a new communication protocols, enrol the employees to unions and review the penalties given to employees who violate the company policies.

PAC Resources Inc. seems to be having major problems as an organization in all its departments. The Human Resource department specifically needs allot to be done in order to bring change to the organization. The HR has not been consistent in its operations with reports of favors and employee manipulation and harassment being reported. The HR has also discouraged its employees from joining any union working with the non-union policy which violates the rights of the employees to join unions and organizations. According to Mikis (2005) as a way of encouraging employees to grow and improve themselves, every company has a mandate to give them a chance to join societies and unions which help in improving their working conditions. The companys disciplinary policy does not have a clear guideline on the consequences and penalties on employees who violate company policies. This has left some of the senior management officers free and immune to any penalties.

The use of the open-door policy has its advantages but it is only effective in the departmental level other than the whole organization. PAC Resources Inc encourages all its employees to feel free to enter any office or make contact to the senior level managers without following any protocol. This creates room for disorder within the organization. According to DelPo & Guerin (2013) open door policy can be a challenge to any management as it undermines some of the team leaders and exclusivity of company information. From the email conversations, junior staff has been sending emails trying to get senior

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