Compose A 1250 Words Essay On Hr Strategies For Hotel Management Needs To Be Pla

Compose a 1250 words essay on HR Strategies for Hotel Management. Needs to be plagiarism free!

The most significant feature in the management of this chain of hotels is the availability of well trained, efficient and motivated work force. The company understands the necessity of the keeping the spirits of its employees high to realize its business dreams in the most acceptable manner.

The hospitality industry and more specifically hotel industry is one of the most dynamic and sensitive business sector which performs very high during the favourable business environment while experiences a very sharp fall during the periods of recession or economic slow down. Thus being one of the leading hotel chain in China, Metropark hotels company need to create a unique style of management leadership that could set benchmarks in the hospitality business segment (Grand Metro Park Hotel, n d). The major domains the HR practices need to be reinforced is in the domain of delegation of work. The concept of right work to right people needs to be promoted well. As the hotels have different target clients based on the brands attached to it, the employees capabilities expected shall also differ from one type to the other. The Grand metro park hotels has most of its visitors from US and European Union, mostly the business executives who have their business operation expanding in China. Thus the capability of all the staff who are placed to handle different tasks must be highly capable to ensure not only to deliver their responsibilities well but also to ensure the retention during their future visits. The customer relation team shall also work in tandem with them to ensure the future business too. In addition to their skills to use English, language, the linguistic abilities of the front office staff shall include their abilities to handle other foreign languages like Spanish, French, Russian, Italian and also Arabic.

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